treasure hunt
find the hidden coin medallion

Sept. 15 | 2018

10 am ~ 7 pm
Raleigh | North Carolina


The coin medallion will be accessible and visible at the correct location and from a precise angle. Seekers will not find it by accident or without all the solved clues.
  • FREE to participate.
  • Participation means you release and hold harmless anyone involved in planning the event, volunteers, staff, originovel, VAE, Sparkcon and Sponsors
  • Individuals, Teams, & Families  are welcome | a 21+ adult must present the coin to claim the prize
  • The coin finder will know where and how to present the coin medallion to win. It's part of the journey. Only one person|group can win
  • You will need a smartphone and possibly other ways to access technology at various points during the hunt in order to be successful
  • No digging. No digging. No digging
  • No searching indoors for the coin, the coin medallion will be outside. Some clues may be indoors
  • No destroying art, property, plants or nature
  • No touching art, art displays or participants unless specifically required to do so by a specific SPARKconQuest hunt clue
  • No disturbing people that may not be involved in the hunt or that request to be left alone during the hunt
  • Clues will not be inside food trucks, vendor's tents, restaurants or SPARKcon event vehicles
  • If you don't know the answer to a clue in order to move on to the next clue, don't try to guess your way through it or cut corners. It cannot be done
  • Have fun. Play nice. Be courteous. It's about the adventure not the award
  • Winner will be announced at a SPARKcon event ~ TBD ~ on Saturday evening
  • Follow the hashtag #SPARKconQuest2018 for updated infomation
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