This hunt was designed for adventure and fun with a reward for one clever person. 

Congratulations "Ms. Finder" !!! 

SOLVED ~ 6/13/2017

Some Photos provided by the solver of the hunt.

how the parchment was designed ~ SOLUTION

Basis of design ~ have two intended clues for critical information.

The Images

General Location

  • Stick figures = Chappe Semaphore = Letters for 4 street names
  • Cabarrus | Florence| Boylan| *Lenoir
  • Images in top scroll roll =  Picto = Western Cabarrus
  • ? Box w/ question mark | numbers.  9.5 X 12 (12 from hunt name) =  114  & 3468/12 = 289 =  flerovium element = FL = Florence
  • Lines of left  = Chinese Stick Code = BOY & HE = Boylan (Heights)
  • Coin with number covered:
  • Since the date on the coin is not 2012, it references that it might be that and therefore to always consider that.
  • Only finder and creator would know actual date, should a confirmation question arise (despite that it was put in plastic) .
  • Coin Back with compass. Simply to generally orient the hunter to clues from parchment to location and the darkness confirms it was towards the southern side of the general area.
  • #TreasureAwaits on a stained image. If Google maps is being used in satellite mode, this is a visual confirmation clue that it is at Project Enlightenment on top of a building
  • The hashtag ~ simply to track anything someone might post on social media in relation to this hunt, if used.

More Specific

  • Outline looking like ball field (diamond) was to reference the P.E. playground when looked at from Google maps and, to point to the line of trees in which the coin was under the bent one .
  • Three circles (two large one small) correlates to three trees just east of the bent tree and the words “two” and “ten”.
  • Rock = an actual rock. Not as a visual marker but as a protector above the coin once other clues were used to dig down. Note that the coin was also locked in plastic with 12th written on it.  No coin hunt should ever be ruined because a squirrel or raccoon digs up a shiny object. However, if a hunter found the rock after using other clues, they would find the coin beneath it.
  • As the finder pointed out, it is remarkably close in the shape/outline of the land/roads where the coin was hid.


The Words

Where Clues

  • To Coin a Phrase - Double meaning as “coin’’ has a different meaning than currency or token when a phrase is coined. This lets you know that words can have two meanings.
  • “claim your stake” is a hint that this was designed with two things in mind for most clues.
  • The entire poem is laid out like ENLIGHTENMENT by Van Morrison.  
  • “Wake Up” it is in both To Coin a Phrase & ENLIGHTENMENT
  • Wake is the county, but everyone knew that due to it being in Raleigh, NC as stated. Wake. Down (opposite of Wake. Up) are to draw attention to “below ~ plum.” (and the period really tells that this word is important and has multiple meanings).
  • With all the leaves in the area as you look around, you not only see “every leaf” (to turn over maybe?) but the fact that there are so many “potential” places. Areas around that would not be impractical, dangerous or risky. Joyous sounds are kids at play nearby which, with so many potential places elsewhere, would lead the treasure hunter to be realistic in that someone would not put it in a kids playground. Common sense would exclude that in most cases. In this case, reviewing what was said in the sign-up most assuredly would exclude certain places.
  • try checking every jeux observing realistic places: first letter working back”words” spells PROJECT and...means if you try checking the game/play area(s) it is not a realistic place. You can try but that would be a backwards way to do this hunt.


How Clues

  • “I’m here.” (A duel Where |How set of words Clue) (where is here?) “ of eight or nine.” Refers to the grove of trees and, also depends on which the hunter counts as IN for the cluster referenced. Add this to the “two” and the extra tree that would give “ten” it gets the hunter around the actual tree with the “bend” and, when used with the three circles as trees to the east of it, was the best way to be obvious without being too obvious and simply spelling it out or mapping it as such. It is a hunt, with intellect and trial/error involved, instead of technology and easy guesses like in a geocache or crossword. The “bend” is the most critical word of them all. And, there is a bend.
  • “below ~ plum.” the period really tells that this word “plum” is important and has multiple meanings. A tree is one but a RED pine (not a plum tree. That would simply be spelling something out). And PLUMB as in with a line straight down. Spelling it out would be, well, spelling it out.
  • Existential = Using Logic in “affirming or implying the existence of a thing” Inches down.  Of course, it is below ground and really was inches down. Provincial just seem to fit when clearly the poem states “Neath a rock.”
  • You can find me in the sticks means the roads revealed by the Chappe and by the fact that every time the coin was checked, sticks were piled on directly above (to look natural, and to deter those pesky squirrels).
  • Together ~  Find cluster,  then the tree with the bend and go inches down, plumb, you have your rock protecting the coin. Coin.


  • A diamond not so rough. Refers to diamond shape of the playground area to the west of the coin (which also points on location)
  • Codes. R | direction reveal(ing) tricks. R
  • “To oh seven...” Tells the end date and again confirms things can have two meanings.
  • *Hardest and most ambiguous clue thrown in because we often see “solutions” go that route for other hunts: O.X.O. thoughtfully designed and phrased was put in there for the people who shift/grid/anagram/rearrange/mess with/ try anything with words to make it fit. “OXO” meaning Hugs And Kisses.  Four words followed this. Shift the H A K  by 4 and you get LEO. Letters in LENOIR near those stick figures. Not needed, but there for fun. Not a red herring either as we can always see in our own minds how we tangent and “red herring” without too much else needed.
  • “Go” are the Chappe letters on the actual Plate