o·rig·i·nal | əˈrijənl |  always be original  | adjective: inventive & unusual; noun: serving as a center or source

nov·el | nävəl | sometimes a book  mostly not  | adjective: fresh/uncommon in an inspiring manner 

Objectives and Additional Pursuits

  • Consult on creative problem solving, innovation and adventure
  • Enhance group dynamics through training programs
  • Grow the market for Things Uncommon (Jewelry)
  • Bring to market products and processes generated from originovel
  • Collaborate on film The Vagrant (short or feature)
  • Collaborate on film Artist Mash-up (documentary)
  • Collaborate on holiday album (to be named)
  • Collaborate on local events
  • Produce, promote and distribute a cookbook

Company Summary

Originovel LLC is the source for fresh ideas, insights and inspiration

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