Our Mission is to inspire, innovate and influence people's lives by being creative, eclectic and trusted with adventures, products, programs and processes.

Originovel is a Limited Liability Company initiated to be an adventure programs and creative consulting resource for individuals, businesses and associations. It is also a company that produces creative content and products.

  • Enhance group dynamics and motivation through facilitated training programs and workshops
  • Influence positive change through creative problem solving, disruption, and innovative practices
  • Inspire to be creative and innovative in new ways via adventure
  • Provide expertise in adventure-based logistics, corp. culture and creativity
  • Collaborations to implement ideas and concepts born from strategic thinking

o·rig·i·nal | əˈrijənl |  always be original  | adjective: inventive & unusual; noun: serving as a center or source

nov·el | nävəl | sometimes a book  mostly not  | adjective: fresh/uncommon in an inspiring manner 

consult with an expert on unique adventures worth taking

identify real issues | generate strategic plans |disrupt

when a problem takes a detour ~ that's when adventure, creativity and innovation look you right in the eyes

Ayers Rock Camel
Kangaroo Island, Australia

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