Get Out & Back In Hunts (GOBI) are much more than the popular Escape Room physical adventure games and, much better.

They are part puzzle, part treasure hunt and part party all wrapped up in a themed, mobile program taking place a various venues where you like to be. Each GOBI is unique to a particular venue and completely different from the others in genre, narrative, puzzles, scene and solutions.

A GOBI can be combined with corporate retreats, conference break-outs, a destination training or an after lunch session. Or, simply over drinks.

A unique team building experience, the GOBI 1/2 Day program is the perfect team building choice.  

After a GOBI, your team will be talking about your company's cool choice of "training" for years.

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Here are two choices with venues listed. There's also an adaptable option for other venue ideas you have in mind.

Uniquely designed for and starting in the reserved back room of the Flying Saucer in Raleigh, NC. The escape is just half the challenge.

Once teams have successfully navigated the process of getting out, they use a map and clue sheet to gather information found in the bar and in various stops a short walk nearby on a treasure hunt for a special key.

In addition, information gathered along the way helps teams get back inside the room to unlock a compartment that contains certificates, a gift card, prizes and $urprise$. 

Adaptable Option
Contact us with lots of advanced notice so we can review your venue idea, coordinate with the venue for dates and times and adjust the GOBI to the location and your team's needs

Your team is part of the Secret Service of the Cicerone. Though you walk, talk and drink among other patrons, you have a special mission and you are being tested. 

Restricted to a specific area of the brewery, you must use all available training tools, supplies and hints to gain access to the outside world.

With clues to follow, teams hunt for a secret code to access a locked box with the special "stuff" inside. But first you must figure out how to get back in without losing all of your lives.

Dethrone the Cicerone has been changed to be our "traveling brewery GOBI" available to be set up in just about any brewery setting with some coordinated planning, of course.

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