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A collaborative group of Raleigh, Durham, and Triangle artists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs are devising and producing an ultra-low budget, original, futurist, cautionary Science Fiction thriller feature film.  

2019 feels like a good year to make a Sci-Fi movie.  2019 is the year the original Blade Runner film takes place.  Our times are not quite as dystopian - but some days it feels like we’re getting close.   

Making a feature film takes time.  It’s a long development process.  And the vast majority of screenplays are never filmed.  

Looking at the tremendous talent and unique resources we have available in the City of Raleigh and across the Triangle, there is another way to create cinema that builds community and ignites an industry.  Not Hollywood. Not Atlanta. Not Wilmington. Call it a Start-up Model. Call is unique. It's here.

Now. A new way to devise and distribute independent film.

Every decade, new independent film movements emerge and change the style and means for how we tell and engage with motion pictures:  Silent-era Hollywood Studio System, German Expressionism, Film Noir, Neorealism / Cinema Verite / French New Wave, Drive-In B-Movies, Rebel Antiheroes, Giallo Horror, Sundance generation, Dogma 95, Mumblecore, Youtubers, NoFilmSchool, and countless others.  It’s time for another film movement.   

Devise - not improvise.   Devised theater is an old artform, that goes back to Shakespeare, and likely to the Greeks.  Its found home in many modern theater companies around the world, and is an exciting and original way to develop and produce stories.  But with the exception of British filmmaker, Mike Leigh, there’s not many devised films.

To devise a story, it is essentially a collaborative process, where writers, actors, artists, the production team, and PARTNERS -- come together around a premise -- to collectively create the script and produce the story.  


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