In 2018 a new version of 12 | 12 | 12 will be available plus a new surprise incentive to solve the treasure hunt

We love treasure hunts: creating, organizing, staging, even doing the hunting and we have found,so do most people.

COWBOY: A Treasure Hunt is an ongoing treasure hunt project inspired by an ink drawing of a mysterious cowboy done by a wonderful artist named Sheri Friedman.

$1,000 cash ~ 10 one-hundred dollar bills ~ hidden somewhere in the United States. The book is a treasure map telling a story with clues on how the reader can find the money and dig it up.

The "throwback" treasure hunt 12\12\12 remains unsolved.

Years ago, with 12/12/12 quickly approaching, a treasure hunt was created as a throwback to a hunt called The Secret by Byron Preiss.

A replica ceramic casque containing a gold ring and other valuable items was hidden for the hunt centered around the number 12.

Designed originally to be solved in 12 months it was difficult due to its calendar format it was released on for the original hunt. It was never solved or, retrieved from its location.

A new release was made into a downloadable book for all who wish to seek.There are 12 puzzles each with the number 12 as the muse. These 12 puzzles are all you need to solve the hunt and claim the prize that ~ we'll admit ~ is buried.

coming soon

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