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12 | 12 | 12 will be available plus a new surprise incentive to solve the treasure hunt
We love treasure hunts: creating, organizing, staging, even doing the hunting and we have found that so do most people.
COWBOY: A Treasure Hunt is an ongoing treasure hunt project inspired by an ink drawing of a mysterious cowboy created by a wonderful artist named Sheri Friedman.
$1,000 cash | 10 one-hundred dollar bills | was hidden somewhere in the United States.
The book is a treasure map with clues on how the reader can find the $$ and dig it up.
The "throwback" treasure hunt 12\12\12 remains unsolved. A 13th Casque awaits.
Years ago, with 12/12/12 quickly approaching, a hunt was created as a throwback to The Secret by Byron Preiss.
A replica ceramic casque containing a gold ring and valuable items was hidden for a hunt focusing on the number 12.
Originally made to be solved in 12 months, a calendar format made it extremely difficult. It was never solved.
We never retrieved the casque from the location so, we updated it for you. A downloadable book for all seekers of the 12|12|12 treasure is available with 12 puzzles each having the number 12 as the muse to where and how it was hidden.
These 12 puzzles are all a treasure hunter needs to solve the hunt and claim the prize. We will admit it is buried. If you seek: respect, be discreet and practice Leave No Trace principles.
UPDATE: Now, truly "armchair" | Simply solve all 12 puzzles, submit your solutions to using "12|12|12" in the subject line and we'll go get it, documenting the  solve along the way with photos and videos | ONLY if all 12 puzzles are solved and correct in a submission will you hear anything back from us | There will be no other correspondence (warning: if you fish for info or spam, you get blocked)

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