o·rig·i·nal | əˈrijənl |  always be original  | adjective: inventive & unusual; noun: serving as a center or source

nov·el | nävəl | sometimes a book  mostly not  | adjective: fresh/uncommon in an inspiring manner 

Everyone loves a great treasure or scavenger hunt. Let an international expert design and facilitate one for your group.

Custom clue~list~photo~QR~scavenger~treasure~trivia ...etc... hunts to provide those "Ah ha!" moments, from the first crazy challenge right on through to an earned yet, successful completion.

Think about breaking codes, deciphering clues and using the backdrop of downtown Raleigh | Cary | Durham, North Carolina as the canvas for your group to divide, formulate plans and race against the clock and each other to solve for defined objectives.

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